video converter , AV Adapter

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video converter , AV Adapter

Wii to HDMI Converter– It Converts Analog (Video Format) Signals to HDMI formats, Compatible with Nintendo WiinSupports All Wii Video Display Modes (NTSC 480i 480p, PAL 576i), This Resolution is Determined by the Output of the Wii Game Console (Signal Source), Not Your TV 3.5mm Audio Jack– Extra 3.5mm Audio Jack Allows you to Connect a Speaker or Headphone. There is No Need to Worry about Disturbing Others. You colud Enjoy your Lovely Games Day and Night!

With 3 Feet HDMI Cable– No Power Adaptor, No Messy Cords, Steps for Usage: Press the Signal Source Button on the Remote, then Select the HDMI Interface which Wii was Conneted on TV Tips: The Maxium Native Resolution of Wii is Analog Out 480i or 480p. The Adapter will NOT Magically Turn your Games into 720p or 1080p. It just Convert Wii 480p Video Signal to HDMI Signal, helping Your Wii Dispalys in a 720/1080p HDMI Monitor Notice: It is not compatible with the Nintendo Wii Mini because the device only has an AV interface, but it does not have a Wii interface. The Wii to HDMI adaptor is not an upscaler.

The MAXIMUM native resolution of Wii is analog out 480i or 480p depending on the cable you use, which means the converter will NOT magically turn your games into 720p or 1080p.

Instead, the Wii converter will use the component analog 480p video signal and turn it into digital information to be sent through the HDMI cable so as to help Will be functional in 720/1080p device with better viewing.

Feature:Convert your Nintendo Wii into an HDMI compatible device with this audio converter adapter Connect Wii console to your HDTV with a single HDMI cable Excellent audio / video quality Supports all Wii display modes (NTSC 480i 480p, PAL 576i) Adapter easily converts analog signals to HDMI formats Video and audio in full digital HDMI format, no transmission loss Works with DVI monitor. Hassle free, plug and play as you go No power adaptor, no messy cords–just use one HDMI cablennCompatible With: Nintendo Wii

Q: Why does my 4K TV Show the Output of the Box as 480p?

A: This Resolution is Determined by the Output of the Wii Game Console (Signal Source), Not Your TV.

Q: My display stays in 4:3 aspect ratio and won’t change to 16:9. Can it scale to 1080p?

A: You need to go into Wii Settings and change the aspect ratio for the Wii system.

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