Hidden Installation Brackets

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Bullet Points:

Large Load-bearing Made of nylon and iron material which can bear a larger weight.

Hidden Installation Convenient and fast installation, does not affect the overall appearance.

Expansion for Fixation The effect of expansion can be obtained by rotating and screwing the brackets. Rotate the plank support rod to make expansion tube fixed in the wall.

10MM Diameter The Drill diameter should be 12mm as the expansion tube 12*75mm and plank support rod is 10*145mm.

Application Suitable for all home applications, such as concealed mounting shelf, mounting to woodwork or masonry walls, especially shelving systems, radiator screens and telephone stands.


1.Concealed bracket for supporting floating board shelves.

2.The Stylish storage tool will make your home more beautiful and organized.

3.These hardened steel concealed shelf brackets are a most rugged brackets.

4.These brackets are only suitable for mounting the shelf on a solid brick or breeze block wall or directly on a wooden stud of an internal plasterboard wall.

Installation Steps:

1. Measure the hole spacing (10mm) and drill the hole in the wall, the depth of the hole should not exceed 75mm.

2. Insert the expansion end of the bracket support pin into the wall hole.

3. Insert the plank support rod into the expansion tube of the wall hole. Rotate until the expansion tube in the wall expands to fully support the wall.

4. Then drill the holes of the corresponding size on the side of the board (consistent with the hole spacing in the wall).

5. Insert the board to the plank support rods.


– Maximum bearing weight: 45kg (2 brackets)

– Material: Nylon plus iron

– Size: 10*145mm (12mm for the wall and 10mm for the wood are recommended. Easy to install.)

Package Includes:

8 x10*145mm Concealed Brackets:

8 x Plank Support Rods

8 x Screw Rods

8 x 75mm Expansion Tubes

8 x Inner Nuts

8 x Gaskets

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