10M P Shape Draught Draft Excluder for Bottom of Doors

Product Specification:

Brand: BargainBegin
Material: Rubber
Color: Brown, Yellow
Recommended uses for the product: Window, Sound insulation, Door


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Product Description

Practical gap closure is made of EPDM rubber, with aging resistance and elasticity to keep density.
The door lock can quickly return to its original state after long-term extrusion,
to obtain an effective sealing effect; Heat and cold-resistant.

Our door handle stopper has an extra strong adhesive, and glue, to protect your doors or windows for a long time.
Also an air conditioning seal strip. Prevent heat and cold from escaping during winter and summer, when the air is switched on.
Reduce the cost of insulation foam strips.

The door floor sealing strips are specially designed, large sound-tight door seals, that offer you a quiet environment and better sleep.
Also can collide and wear on windows/doors while opening and closing to protect your furniture and keep your house as a new house.

Keep clean & CONFIDENT TO BUY:
Have you found out that there is always dust on the surface and hard to clean?
Buy it now and say goodbye to these situations.
If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us.
We have a professional team, to solve the problem for you.

1. Remove the door cover and the old weather, and clean the surface.
2. Warm the new rubber weathering with a hair dryer, If the temperature is between/below – 54
3. Remove the adhesive tape. Put the edges of the new tape together with the corners of the windscreen.
4. Glue it to the surface and press for a while.
5. Let go of your hand to make sure that it is firmly attached to the inside and the top of the door and will not fall off, the installation is successful.


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